Just shred it - We protect it


Wash your hands

1 Wash your hands

The better the groundwork, the better the result. Wash your hands to prevent any dirt from taking hold.

Clean the surface

2 Clean the surface

Gently clean your bike with, for example, isopropanol or other grease solution.

Remove baking paper

3 Remove baking paper

Fold down the baking paper and apply piece by piece along the bike frame.

Mounting 4

4 Protect the bike

Use your fingers or soft mounting scraper to attach Bike Shield on your bike frame. 


Bike Shield protects against scratches, stone chips and common wear. Bike Shield does not protect against injury to oneself or to the bike if: Bike Shield cut through or otherwise not properly maintained. Be sure to clean Bike Shield immediately after each time you cycle or transport your bike with non-alcoholic detergents.

NOTE: All plastics are sensitive to degreasers so dry immediately Bike Shield during cleaning. Bike Shield is "self-healing". This means that scratches will disappear if the material is not cut or empty all the way through. Use a heat gun on the damaged area to speed up the process.


Allow the cycle to reach 70 F/22-23°C or warmer. scale Bike Shield slowly straight back along the frame. If the cover is poorly applied to existing chipped paint, poor paint or poor quality stickers, you should take extra care when removing Bike Shield because it can remove poor quality paint and stickers.

Be sure to know if you have a powder coating paint as Sportscover does not guarantee that they stick to bicycles painted with powder coating.

Read more on guarantees & liability