Just shred it - We protect it

Frame protection that fits your bike

A perfect frame protection when you thunder through the forest with your probably new MTB bike. Rocks, cones and branches that you fly by. You no longer have to worry. Max out your bike ride with Bike Shield  and protect the most vulnerable parts of your bike to maintain its existing condition.

Why use frame protection?

Sportscover Bike Shield has many characteristics that provide the perfect protection for your bike frame. One of the characteristics is that the frame protection is transparent. So you are installing Bike Shield frame protection on existing varnish and retains the same motif and color as before. The main difference is that you get a durable, self-healing surface that reduces damage to your bike frame.

A frame protector that maintains appearance

Sportscover Bike Shield is an accessory that protects and prevents any wear and tear on your bike. A frame protection that is malleable and ready-cut to fit all types of bikes. You can easily shape the template according to your bike and mount without water. Quick and painless.

Sportscover.se has manufactured and sold millions of pre-cut bike covers across the globe, both to bicycle manufacturers, stores and individuals. 


Let the gravel squirt along the bike with the soul intact. SportsCover gives your mountain bike the protection it needs! 

Allaround bike

On the way to work via the path nearby. Now your bike no longer has to be a moment of worry, but a freedom. 

Racing Bike

Faster you can! The frame protection from SportsCover has extremely light weight with extreme durability! 

Standard cycle

Wear and tear does not have to cause excessive wear. SportsCover protects the exposed surfaces of the frame and maintains the resale value!

Electric bike

Advanced technology worth protecting! Universal and pre-cut parts ready to be shaped after your electric bike. 


With SportsCover you dare that little extra and get your bike ready for new challenges!