1. Find product

a. Make use of menus
Select the department from the menu at the top and click your way down into the structure. Wherever goods presented are buttons for “Show” or “Buy”. Click on “Show” to learn more about the product and “Buy” To order the.

b. Use the search feature
You can also find an item by entering a keyword in the search box to the left of the page and then click on “Search”. You can search by part number, Article title and item description. You do not write the whole word, not sure it is enough to write part of a keyword.

2. Place

After clicking the “Buy” ports the item in your cart. Cart is always displayed at the top left of the page above the menu. Do you regret your order, you can always click on the trash can to the right of the item in the cart or click on “Change”. Do you want to empty the entire cart or change the number of items ordered, click also on “Change”.

3. Checkout

Are you happy and want to send your order click “Checkout”. To send your order, you need to be a registered customer in the shop.

a. Login
Already a customer simply login with email and password. Did you forget your password, enter your email address and click “Send” will be sent a new password to the specified e-mail address. You can always change your password or other customer data in the shop when you have logged in.

b. Register as a new customer
If you are not a registered customer in the shop, click on “Register as a new customer” and fill in the information requested in step 1-3 there. Once you have done that has a customer account created and you can either continue shopping, change in customer information or go to the checkout.

4. Confirm purchase

At checkout, you can change both the billing address as well as shipping address. You can tag the item or send a comment to the shop. Then select the payment option and click on “Confirm purchase” to complete the order. You can also cancel your purchase here if you want. Once you have confirmed your purchase you will receive a confirmation while the same confirmation will be sent to your registered email address.