The choice is clear!

Like most car salesman you already have a wide range of aftermarket products, and due to this it is especially important to sell products associated with those you already sell.

If you already sells paint protection or tinted window film, then ClearPlex a choice for you when it falls naturally in the right direction of your current products.

Resistant to scratches

Customers wishing to protect their cars with paint protection. Stone chips in the paintwork is an irritation. Stone chips and cracks in the windshield is costly and dangerous.

ClearPlex is designed to take the impact of flying stones and shattered glass but leaves only a minimal needle tip on the film and retains its optical clarity. ClearPlex is resistant to scratches and can withstand the daily resistance of such wipers.

Protection for windscreens

ClearPlex is the first and only optical clear protective film for windshields on cars. The product significantly reduces shocks from ordinary vägfaror as stone chips and leave the glass in its original condition.

Depending on the windshield, it may take 30 minutes of a certified installer. The film is thermally fitted to each curve of the windshield and adapts
after the glass.