Unique strålkastarfilm and paint protection used as stone chip protection on lamps or varnish. Available in several colors and tints.

Are in 3 variants: 20 thousand, 12 mil och Raceshield. Sportscover Ricochet 20 mil och 12 mil is made of PVC with the unique adhesive composition that makes the material shock-resistant, and with the "floating" glue fills the effective back small existing scratches.

90 kr
75 kr
220 kr660 kr


Lyktskydd Clear

220 kr631 kr

Fact & Characteristics

  • Transparent
  • Protective Lacquer
  • Liquid adhesive (Self-healing)
  • Shock reducing
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Retain resale value
  • 12 to 20 mil thickness

Carshield (12 thousand)

12thousand (0,3mm) is slightly thinner than 20mil and is mainly used to protect the paint on specially set on surfaces such as the instep where you rub the in and out, in the trunk where you load and unload, and on the hood that is particularly vulnerable to stone chips. Because it is so flexible they can be used on most painted surfaces you want to protect your car. Also used polycarbonate headlights that do not require the same thickness as the glass headlights. Available in complete sets or on the meter.

Ricochet (20 thousand)

20 thousand (0,5mm) is the thickest material and is suitable primarily as headlight and is completely transperant. Ricochet headlamp covers protect your headlights against stone chips and scratches in the glass and keeps the light image intact. Headlight are also available in colored versions and is sold in pre-cut kits. Available for a variety of car models. The material can also be purchased by the meter so you can customize to your own requirements.


Raceshield (0,4mm) is made in 4 layer laminated film and acts as a protection against stone chip on the windscreen. Used mainly for racing and rally events or other severe service that goes hard on windshields. Instead of replacing a damaged box, which is both expensive and time consuming so you just draw away the top layer and has a fresh new surface that allows you to quickly drive on. Race Shield is made of PET gives higher optical clarity and therefore best suited for windscreens.