SportsCover™ Bike Shield is the best bike cover to protect the frame against flying stones and gravel. The invisible frame protection is transparent and shock reducing like no other – easy to shape and apply without heat and no water are just one of many features Bikeshield are offering for you to retain the value of your bicycle.

Bikeshield’s high quality frame protection keep’s the appearance and second-hand value intact in all weathers.. Bikeshield is a flexfit, universal, pre-cut protection produced in Sweden to fit your needs and allows every user to easily apply the lightweight self-healing, transparent and shock reducing bike protection without heat or water and still maintain invisible.

  • Transparent
  • Protective Lacquer
  • Liquid adhesive (Self-healing)
  • Shock reducing
  • Universal fit
  • Easy to assemble
  • Retain resale value
  • 4 to 20 mil thickness


Sports Cover bicycle shelter are also available by the meter and can be ordered as distributor

Bikeshield Oversized